“I got into the building and I thought, this is where I need to be.” Lauren Prociv exudes passion for her job that would make most people purple with envy.

Prociv graduated from Virginia Tech in December of 2010 with a degree in marketing and remained at tech through May of 2012 earning her masters in the same field. She immediately went to work at the Martin Agency, an advertising firm in Richmond Virginia. She now serves as a strategic planner for the agency.

“My favorite part of my current job is the problem solving… but also uncovering opportunities.. with each project you almost have to start with a blank slate because my job is to bring a unique perspective for plans, for a product, or for a service,” Prociv said.Lauren Prociv

Prociv is incredibly excited to be a part of Pamplin’s newly created Recent Alumni Board as the chair of the outreach committee.

“What I am most looking forward to has already happened,” Prociv said. “I am looking forward to students having access to people in the real world and having that exposure… It makes you care more about your classes when you know what you are looking forward to.”

Prociv has been interviewed by multiple students as a requirement for an introduction to business class taken by freshman and other new Pamplin students, she hopes that these interviews become budding relationships.

Prociv has some advice for students, tested by both her four years in undergrad and a year and a half as a graduate student. “Go to your professors office hours, because professors rock, so go talk to them. If you need help they want to help you, so go to office hours.”

As her second piece of advice, Prociv recommends diving deep into a few clubs and organizations, restricting yourself to your greatest passions and pursuing leadership roles there.

“Don’t do five, eight, or ten things, do one or two things really well and then rise to a leadership position; because that will prepare you more for your job and for getting a job than you will know,” Prociv said.

The book carrying the most influence in her life is Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely. “That was the book that really sealed the deal, in that marketing and consumer behavior was what I wanted to do,” Prociv said.

At Tech, her favorite classes were two art history classes she took in her first years as a student. Within Pamplin, her favorite class was Donna Wertalik’s integrated marketing communication class. “That was the first class where you really dive into marketing, and we had a real client… That is what set everything in motion for me, it was that class,” she said.

In her free time, which is a precious resource, Prociv can be found in art museums or learning how to play golf.


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