Jordan DeDona graduated from Virginia Tech in 2006 in finance and went on to Notre Dame to get his MS in Accounting.

He currently works at Ernst and Young as a Senior Manager of Assurance working external audit and supervising teams in 9 different countries.

“My favorite part is working with really smart people and not having two days that are generally the same… it keeps things moving, and certainly keeps me on my toes.”

As a student DeDona was a member of Virginia Tech’s Corps of Cadets and the German Club, he also served on the ring dance committee and the student budget board. But even with all of these commendable positions and opportunities his favorite experience was a semester spent abroad.JordanD

DeDona spent his time abroad in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland where he was struck with a love for travel that has not left him since.

“It was an amazing experience for me. It kickstarted my love for travel,” he said. “You never think about it when you are there, but it is a differentiator throughout your career … It is a conversational starter, it is a whole different thing that helps expand your personal brand and your personal value proposition. It was incredible for me…”

Not only did DeDona love the opportunities to travel while studying abroad, the class International Finance with now retired G. Rodney Thompson was his favorite while at tech. In addition to incredible travels and excellent academics, DeDona formed some of his closest relationships while abroad.

“That by far was the most formative… It was an excellent time to get out of my comfort zone, and allowed me to meet some folks that were in my wedding, some folks that I still talk to today,” he said. “The people I talk to the most in Pamplin are the people I studied abroad with.”

Since leaving, he has kept his love of travel alive visiting one new country every year. His favorite so far? Croatia.

DeDona now serves on the Pamplin College of Business’s Recent Alumni Board as the chair of the policy committee, the committee charged with drafting bylaws for the board.

DeDona hopes students take full advantage of their time in Pamplin, to grow a strong foundation for their network. “I would encourage students to take time to develop their professional network within Pamplin because it is incredible … The probability of you running into a Pamplin person, or a tech person in your job or in your field is really really high, in that way I would say continue to foster those networks while you have the … arena that is tech.”

His favorite book is Barbara W. Tuchman’s, The Guns of August, a Pulitzer prize-winning read about the outbreak of World War I.

Jordan is married to his wife Veronica whom he met in Ernst and Young, they will have been together 7 years in June. In their free time, they enjoy getting together with close friends over drinks and dinner.

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