Paul Needleman, a manager at Deloitte Consulting, graduated from Virginia Tech in 2006 and is already giving back to the Hokie Nation. Studying Business Information Technology (BIT) and working in both the technical field and the consulting business, Needleman utilizes his past decade of career experience and his position on the Pamplin Recent Alumni Board to connect with undergraduate students and provide insight into the working world.

Needleman began his career at BearingPoint where he built his technical skills, and became further specialized in data warehouse and analytics when he transitioned to a boutique consulting firm. Currently Needleman manages a team at Deloitte, which helps federal agencies and businesses make better informed decisions based on their data.

Whether working in IT or consulting, Needleman found that group work and team mentality are crucial aspects of success. Needleman focuses on “understanding the people around me and helping them be successful” when working with clients or his team, and notes that effective communication is imperative to any project and in any field.

Additionally, Needleman described three key steps to success for both students and employees: “say yes, be passionate, and build your network.” Enthusiasm and commitment will enhance any working experience, which is why Needleman emphasizes these concepts as vital in both an academic and work setting.paul needleman

“Everything is an opportunity to learn and grow, and maintaining relationships can build support and open doors in the future.”

Needleman was student-oriented long before he joined Pamplin’s Recent Alumni Board. During his undergraduate years, Needleman worked with Get Connected to provide technical and computer assistance to students. After graduating, Needleman stayed involved by mentoring students through Dr. Skripak’s Introduction to Management class, where he provided freshman BIT majors with an introduction to his field by answering their questions and offering long-term career perspective.

As a member of the Pamplin Recent Alumni Board Outreach committee, Needleman is “excited to continue that kind of activity and stay involved to grow future Hokies and their careers.” In addition to connecting with faculty and alumni, the Outreach committee focuses on students and helps them navigate their career path. Needleman remarked that the Recent Alumni Board “helps Pamplin be the best it can be as an employer for future success.”

Beyond the Board, Needleman in engaged on campus as a Deloitte recruiter, Delta Sigma PI guest speaker, and member of Pamplin Undergraduate Mentorship Program (PUMP). Not only does Needleman work behind the scenes in IT, but he also maintains his undergraduate connections while mentoring new students each year. 

“I am passionate about developing successful Hokies, which impacts not just Pamplin but the University as a whole.”

Paul Needleman exemplifies the University motto, Ut Prosim, with his commitment to supporting current students. By investing in students through the Recent Alumni Board and other organizations, Needleman fosters a mentality of service and positively impacts individual undergraduate experiences.

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