Min Kim, from Centerville, Va., graduated Virginia Tech with his undergraduate degree in 2007. He studied finance while inside of Pamplin. He currently lives in Los Angeles working for a logistics company, Boa Logistics.

Can you explain to me your current career?

After I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2007, I went to work for Deloitte Consulting in Washington D.C. I was a business analyst there so it paired with my finance degree well as an entry job. After a couple years, I decided to go to Chicago and follow my specific interests in finance. I worked for Echo Global Logistics as a carrier sales manager in specialized services. However, after 6 years in Chicago I decided to take myself to Los Angeles where I am now. I work for a small company called Cargomatic, where I am the manager of carrier operations. The move to L.A. was easy because I’m doing what I love. This position gives me the opportunity to work with finance and logistics.

How did you transition from being a student to a full-time employee?

College really helped me grow as a person. Of course I learned about finance, but the workload from the whole college experience challenges you as an individual. I learned how to manage a work load from day-to-day. It gives you the reins to step up and take responsibility. It gave me the opportunity to prioritize my life and manage my time wisely. I think college really helps with that transition to the work force. I was prepared coming out of Pamplin because of the challenges I went through and completed.

How can aspiring students in Pamplin reach toward academic excellence after college?

It’s really how much you want to put into your career. It’s always good to revisit skills that you haven’t used in a while to make sure you manage your learning. You can always polish off skills because you can’t be perfect at anything so there is always room for improvement. Many companies have programs that assist you with your accounting skills, for example. I also have my Lean Six Sigma green belt and it has helped me tremendously through my career.

Was there any specific course in Pamplin that prepared you the most?

Honestly, it’s not the courses that will prepare you once you graduate. It’s the activities you participate in outside of class time that truly shape you. For me, SGA and the Big Event were something I was passionate about and the things I learned through those organization still affect me. What you do outside of the classroom will make you stand out and be unique. I highly suggest studying abroad through Pamplin. I studied in Greece and Turkey during the summer months. It was the best experience I had during college and it truly gives you a different perspective to learning during college.

Favorite book and why?

That’s a tough one. I would have to say the Life of Pi. It’s one of those books that even after years of having of read it, you still remember the concept. The book gives an interesting perspective on how life carries out in time. It encourages you to go with the flow and to believe everything happens for a reason. The story gives the reader the perception that may seem negative at the time, but works out to be a positive impact on the protagonist’s life. The book is definitely a must read.


Written by Stacy Shrader


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