This blog is a space for students of the Virginia Tech College of Business to share, discuss, and report all things Pamplin. Written by the members of Pamplin’s premier social media marketing group, PRISM, we are here to offer up a new perspective on what’s going on in the cosmos of our college.

Below you’ll find descriptions of the team who are delivering the stories through cyberspace to our beloved readers: 

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Anna Pope

Senior | International Studies and History

Anna is the Director of Copy for PRISM and its clients. She will be graduating in May 2017 with a double major in International Studies and History.

Ashley Battle

Senior | Marketing-Management

Ashley is a copywriter and an account manager for PRISM. She holds a degree in Public Relations and is graduating in May of 2017 with a degree in marketing-management. 

Megan Myklegard

Senior | Marketing

Megan is a senior Marketing major and with experience in PRISM as a copywriter and alumni relations team member.

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Stacy Shrader

Junior | Business Management and Public Relations

Stacy is a copywriter for PRISM and plans to graduate in May 2018 with a double major in Business Management and Public Relations.

Amanda Tinkleman

Sophomore | Marketing and Professional & Technical Writing

Amanda is a copywriter for PRISM and a member of the social media team for Click & Pledge. She will be graduating in May 2019 with a double major in Marketing and Professional & Technical Writing.

Katharine Plante

Sophomore | Marketing Management and Public & Urban Affairs

Katharine is a new member to PRISM and the copywriting team. She is a sophomore pursuing a dual degree in Marketing Management as well as Public and Urban Affairs.